Dickens Society Blog: Call for Posts

The Dickens Society Blog aims at disseminating Dickensian research both amongst the Society’s membership and to the larger academic community. We welcome ongoing submissions from researchers at any career level on any topic relating to Dickens’s life, work, or world – if you would like to submit a post on a forthcoming publication, an existing project or a think-piece on any topic, please get in touch.

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the Dickens Society Blog also welcomes targeted submissions of 800-1200 words on topics relating to Nighttime, or Time more broadly. Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

“The Docks – Night Scene.” Gustave Doré, 1872.

  • Night walking: Dickens’s own well-documented obsession with the London streets at night; characters who do the same; night walking as a more general Victorian practice
  • Temporal duality: the shift evident in locations, characters, even whole plot lines when depicted at different times of the day or night
  • Darkness: nighttime itself, but also shadows, uncertainty, and murkiness in Dickens’s novels, stories, and journalism


Posts will be accepted up to 15 December 2017, to be posted between now and the end of December. A new topic will be proposed for the months of January to April.

Please email blog posts, proposals or any queries to emily.bell@york.ac.uk and catherine.quirk2@mail.mcgill.ca

Dickens Society Blog

Dickens Society Blog

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