The 23rd Annual Symposium: Dickens and Language

The research context at Tübingen links literary studies with linguistics. Hence, for 2018 we invite papers on Dickens and Language, which may include (but is not limited to): Dickens and dialect, Dickens and figurative language, Dickens and body language, Dickens and genre, Dickens and the slipping signifier, Dickens and cultural linguistics, Dickens and foreign language, Dickens and dissonance, Dickens and rhetoric, Dickens in translation, Dickens and onomastics, Dickens and orality, Dickens and the language of emotion. In the traditional spirit of the Symposium, proposals for any topic related to Dickens’s life or work are also welcome. For more information about proposals and the program, please contact Program Committee Chair Sean Grass Further details can be found here.

Forthcoming Dickens Society symposia and sponsors:
2019 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
2020 London, UK; co-sponsors: Royal Holloway University of London and the Charles Dickens Museum